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Sri Lanka

Travel in Style: Et al x Sri Lanka

What's better than travelling? We are huge fans of experiencing the world, new cultures and new signature meals. Therefore we have teamed with five cool globe-trotting photographers to show our latest styles in the most beautiful surroundings.

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This week we have talked to one of the photographers, Johan, about the best things to experience in Sri Lanka. 

I went to Sri Lanka after visiting Dubai. One of my friends invited me to see the country, and of course to surf, but this trip ended up being one of the coolest cultural experiences ever.

....To visit Sri Lanka as a photographer is full of versatility. On the surface it appears much like a holiday paradise as you see many other places as well. But we took a train to the mountains, and suddenly we found so many jewels. We visited a little village "Little England", which is dominated by the English culture and world famous architecture. Further more England had also left its mark on the local cuisine and sports. As an extra refinement the city was surrounded by plantations.

.... 3 things to do while visiting Sri Lanka; avoid the rainy season. That's fierce! Take a train through the mountains, hang out of the door and feel that you are alive. And finally make sure to spend some time on the beaches and surf!

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..... Without comparison is "rice and curry" the best and most authentic meal to have in Sri Lanka. As simple as it gets. 

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