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Meet Nicolai Klingenberg - A Good Life Hunter

He's chasing the good life. He's a lifestyle expert and an enviable connoisseur. Meet the writing equilibrist, who on a daily basis enrich and broaden mens horizon with watches, gourmet experiences, cars and much more. He is Nicolai Klingenberg and we have taken a chat with him about our friendship, about Copenhagen and his his enfamous blog,

Describe with 3 words?
The good life.

Name 10 essential things (places, clothing, food / restaurants, music, lifestyle products, books, etc.)?
If it should be in the form of keywords, then probably read like this: wristwatch, champagne, freedom, love, sunshine, ties, leather, Restaurant Kjobenhavn, fishing and lovemaking.

What makes Copenhagen special for you?
The fact that we have relatively many genres in a small geographical area. To enter an authentic shawarma just step in Nørrebro and be in the middle of the playground within seven - eight minutes by bicycle.

How should one spend the free time / weekend?
Always in a good company, then the place must become a secondary concern.

Copenhagen could use more / less of ... ?
We could be better at greeting each other - either a nod or a “ hello “. It is true that Copenhagen is a capital city, but the city isn’t that big. The egos shouldn’t be either.

What is the biggest misunderstanding about this city?
Oh, now I do not know what misunderstandings there are going on, so it’s a little bit difficult. However, I have learnt that it is rarely worthwhile to take a car - many times it was faster to get to my office with my bicycle than with sport cars like Aston Martin or Maserati.

Where do you find the strangest / most diverse gatherings of people?
Café Blomsten in Lille Strandstræde. Here I had a lot of fun talks long after closing hours. Imagine: it is later than 5 am in the morning- here is a crowd of a glorious mix of artists 70+, strong madams with strong opinions. People who come here like to stay for a long time. Liv is the woman behind the bar. She is great.

What is, in your opinion, the most underappreciated place in Copenhagen?
I am just about to find out, because I’m moving quite soon to a new part of town, where I have a few potential new favourites in my sleeve. Each part of town has its own charm and secret places. However, a good bet is some of the distant areas on Refshaleøen. Take a trip out there one evening – maybe with a fishing rod. It is peace and quiet- absolutely fantastic.

How did your friendship with Et al Design begin?
It began with an email in 2011. It was November and quite cold. We did an interview via email correspondence, and then I was lucky enough to meet the
boys from E T  A L in person in connection to a glorious video, I starred in. After the filming, we continued till the early morning. It was absolutely unforgettable. Until this day we still talk regularly about something, involving both unicorn masks and business plans.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future with
Absolutely. You can expect a lot of more videos, some events here and there, and who knows, there might be a physical store over time.