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Choice of the week: Olsson shorts

Every man should own at least a couple of good pair of shorts. Comfortable, relaxed and with a twist of sartorial vibes for those hot summerdays. 

This season we have designed a selection of styles, which makes it cool to wear shorts - even at the office. 
Below we have listed 3 great tips.

It takes courage to wear a full white look, but it will definitely help you to stay cool and ridiculously good looking (Zoolander voice) in the heat. At the same time it's a real impressive choice for almost any occasion during the summer months.
..And if the full white look is a bit overwhelming for you, it's easy to break it up with a black tee or a lightblue shirt underneath the overshirt, or simply change the white overshirt to a navy club blazer. 

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It's actually easy to wear shorts in a very stylish and sober way. By choosing shorts with pleats and in neutral colours like navy or black, the expression will go through a drastic change.
To make it business-approved to wear shorts, combine them with blazers, shirts or leather shoes.

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Khaki is a great choice in the warmer months. Bring that safari vibes to the city! Going full khaki is really urban and cooler than cool to break up with a crisp white shirt and a pair of sneakers. 

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