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ATTENTION: ET AL Design – now also for women

Since 2012 ET AL has produced high quality footwear in only the best leather for the fashionable man all over Europe. Brand awareness and market positioning has become not only a matter of sales and business growth, but also a vital part of the ET AL DNA. This means that the company and the people behind put a lot of resources into communicating what lies behind creating a premium product.

Part of the new strategy has been to add a strong female line to the brand. After thoroughly preparing the launch, ET AL is releasing a broad collection for the fashion and quality conscious female consumer, which contains not only the same quality level as the men’s line, but also the unique design characteristics the brand is well known for.

Our way into a new costumer segment

>> We are not doing a female line based on demand, we are doing it because it fits the brand universe extremely well; and we strongly believe that, if we focus our efforts on securing both quality and aesthetics, there is plenty of room for us in the female shoe and fashion stores around the world <<

Expanding with a female collection is our way of communicating versatility. And for the people behind our company female footwear fashion is just as interesting as male. Already now the female collection is arranged to be on the shelves of fashion stores in Norway, Sweden, Germany and of course Denmark by SS19. The product is great and the response is just the same.

See our NEW female collection right here. Released in autumn 2018.

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