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ET AL Boots

E T A L launches in the DACH region

From 1 October 2018, E T  A L for women and men will be launched on the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Martin Gross will become COO of E T  A L Germany, the German arm of the Danish parent company in order to launch and establish the E T  A L brand.

E T  A L stands for sneakers and Chelsea boots in an understated Nordic style. Classic, pared-down designs are crafted in high-quality leather. The footwear’s made in Europe: it’s designed in Denmark and produced in Portugal and Italy.

In Martin Gross, E T  A L has gained a sales expert whose skill set in terms of brands and retailers is very strong. Between 2009 and 2018, Gross worked at the Danish CNS Group where he was part of the sales and brand management team for the Solid and Selected brands and his last post was as head of brands & sales Germany. He previously spent 8 years as area manager for the Bestseller group and was key account manager at Daimler AG.

As managing director Germany for the ET AL Germany branch, Martin Gross will be spearheading and defining the strategy for the E T  A L brand and managing sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He will be consistently developing and accelerating the expansion of the brand. In his new role, the 51-year-old will be liaising closely with Anders Buch Sörensen, chief of board, and Michael Keiser, managing director and creative director.

A stabil grip on Central Europe 

“After all the sales roles, I’d like to try something new and establish and position a brand in the DACH markets that I can identify with. E T  A L offers modern and innovative products in the medium-range price segment. We’re fully European: we develop and produce exclusively in Europe. Our quality pledge, combined with timeless Scandinavian made-in-Europe design appeals to people and is fun. I believe the brand has huge potential with retailers. Above all, via flexible concepts like pop-up stores,” says Gross when asked about the brand and his motivation.

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