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About us

Et al.
1. Latin abbreviation for a list of people, or authors.
a ) and others
b ) and company
[and friends]
E T A L is a designbrand founded in Copenhagen by a band of
friends of combined Danish and French descent. Our designs are naturally infused
with Nordic understatement and hints of French elegance, but most of all they are
made for -and are inspired by- others.
We create classic, high quality, wardrobe staples. Items meant to add character to by
how you decide to wear them. Designs that are subtly infused with the mosaic of the
modern world: the culture we experience, the music we listen to, the books we read,
the movies we watch and the people we meet. From mainstream game-changers to
subculture superstars, even the slightest chance encounter challenges us to do better
and create a range of items any creative man can relate to.
Designed by us, inspired by others.

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